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About me

Got a second? Here is some info about me...

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

I am from Atlanta, Georgia.  Growing up in the ever-expanding city helped broaden what I saw and introduced me to the beauty around me; whether it be in the city or nature that surrounded us. Moving to various parts of Atlanta and surrounding cities was a special treat in the eyes of a small child. My parents saw this in me and purchased me a camera, so I could capture all the beauty and disparities around me.

The camera allowed me to show in pictures what I felt and saw. My emotions seemed to drip through the pages, reflecting my point of view and creating a memory that could last forever. Like an admirer of any art, no two interpret a piece of art the same. They may take the same picture and reflect something completely different. Discovering the beauty in places that people would not even notice, is what I love to do. That excites me. It is as though I was invited to God’s special gallery; allowing me to capture his special creations. After going to school and learning the technical part of photography and videography, my knowledge opened to new heights. This allowed me to be able to present visually, to others, my vision, wherever I am. It could be my everyday surroundings or to a new adventure in someone’s living room, taking a family portrait with grandpa and grandma.

This are some of my recent captures